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Image placeholder All my life, I’ve never asked for help despite being diabetic from an early age. So loosing a leg and becoming reliant on a wheelchair was a big change for me. I was living in a council first floor flat and the council said that I would be advised when a ground floor flat became available. When this happened, I was told I would need to move the following week. I didn’t really want to move and I had no one to help me.
Someone suggested that I contact Claire at Exmouth Friends in Need. She was brilliant. She reassured me, because I was nervous about others touching my stuff. Later, she called to say that eleven people would come to move me.
On the day, SIXTEEN people turned up. It was like team of ants, all moving around, lifting, carrying, avoiding each other, all in a covid safe way. Everything was done in three hours. They even helped with refitting my carpets. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I can’t thank Claire and Exmouth Friends in Need enough.

Image placeholder Just wanted to say a huge Thank you. Thanks to you and Claire i slept better knowing my children went to sleep with full bellies and mine too last night) I didn't want to reach out but this lovely lady pushed me to do it and Claire and Nicky have both been brilliant, we've (myself and 2 children) been spoilt with groceries and other pieces. I don't know what we would've done till my next payday, things were getting pretty desperate for us. so Claire and Nicky bless you and Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️

Image placeholder Hi All. What “Claire Austin” and all of her team on this group are doing is just truly brilliant and I’ll always be gratful to you all. What Claire and her team have done for me is just so truly overwhelming I can’t explain. Being a single mum of a teenager son is hard enough as it is , but to be put in a situation which is completely out of my hands with covid has hit me massively hard....i go to work to provide and set a good example to my child best I can but being hit by a brick wall with no furlough at all, no child maintenance payments and no top up on my already low Universal Credit monthly payments is just so so scary that it can happen just like that to anyone 😔 Having suffering now from anxiety and sleeping and just constant worry with life in general this group came to my rescue 🥰 Claire you are amazing !!!!! ❤️
This group helped me with food parcels from their resources, booked food shop delivery’s from Iceland, top ups on my gas to help keep me and my child warm and have hot water ect and also going above and beyond and putting me touch with other organisations that I didn’t even know existed ect.
So this is a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to this “absolute god send” page and every 1 who keeps this page going THANK YOU ❤️ any 1 reading this post who is struggling and think they can’t cope with life please please please get in touch with Claire Austin and the group because honestly....NOTHING IS EVER ANY TROUBLE FOR ANY OF THEM......ask for the help if you need it big or small, I DID 🥰

Image placeholder Last night my toddler was struggling to breath due to his asthma. He had a prescription to be picked up from the chemist for inhalers and a spacer. The pharmacy couldn’t give me the prescription without the spacer aswel. I did not have a spacer at home as the rubber had eroded on the current one. The spacer was out of stock and they needed to order it in which could take up to 24 hours. My child needed the inhalers right then. The choice was to either phone an ambulance or ask on the page for a spacer and wow, what an amazing community group exmouth friends in need is!!!! Within 30 minutes of asking claire to ask the page, a spacer was anti backed and drop to my front door! This absolutely 100% prevented me from having to go into hospital with my child. Today you would not even know the panic that set in last night, to help my child get the treatment to help him breath correctly that was needed! In his world last night did not even happen as he’s busy playing with his toys right now ❤️
I’m one of the admin on EFIN and I don’t think some people realise how crazy all the admin and Claire work behind the scenes to help others, in every sense.....
Also, a massive thankyou to the family who dropped a spacer off, without you we would of woke up this morning in hospital. We will be forever grateful to the family and this amazing page xx

Image placeholder Claire and her helpers have helped me so much. I left an abusive relationship with my baby daughter, and was in temporary accommodation, pretty much starting from scratch. I was struggling financially because of the relationship and being a single parent but the page enabled me gain everything I needed to start fresh. Claire made sure I had enough food, with food deliveries and unexpected food parcels at my door and put money on the electric to make sure it was warm. Helped me floor my new house.. the list goes on.
Claire and her helpers are so thoughtful and I am so grateful for everything they have done for us. I wouldn’t be where I am now with them.

Image placeholder We are a small family living in Exmouth, the past year has been a bit of a roller-coaster first with moving home and then a short stay in hospital at the beginning of this year. Simply put without EFIN we wouldn’t be here as the tight family we are today. With help from furnishing our new flat, fuel bills, food and clothing to hospital transport, prescription service, childcare and so much more I just can’t name it all. We owe a massive thanks To Claire and family, her fabulous admin team, the delivery elves and all the volunteers. Not forgetting the wonderful Exmouth Community. Thank you!

Image placeholder We had spoken with Claire a few times and had a toy for my son but really came under her radar about 18 months ago, I had been full time working, sometimes 7 days a week for a few years and after paying the rent and childminders never seemed to have much of anything left, my 2 children had slight additional needs making life hard, transport to work was expensive and bills weren't getting paid and I'd become familiar with the food bank. I then fell pregnant and single around the same time, I became very ill during the pregnancy and was unable to work for a few months, our situation of scraping together to make ends meet became even worse, I didn't know how long I'd be off work so had to pay to keep a place open at the childminders while taking home a percentage of my previous wage that we weren't surviving with, to add to it, my son's birthday was coming up! I spoke with Claire asking for help for my son's birthday, explaining my situation, she put out a post and so many people offered wonderful presents for my little boy, who was already having a scary time with a new baby on the way and mummy so poorly, it made his birthday feel normal and he was so happy! Someone even made him a cake. Claire then had a delivery sent for me through the Exeter baby bank, of a Moses basket, some clothes, nappies, even some soft toys, everything I needed as a basic for the baby coming but couldn't afford due to my work situation. We then had food parcels when times were bad and on the lead up to Christmas (2020) were included in the Christmas present collection ran by Claire and her elves, this meant that when I was still struggling to get by, bad health and the constant fear of letting my children down because of the situation I had found myself in, they got to have a bit of normality with a lovely Christmas, even the dinner was provided by kind people's donations. Over the next year, we had regular knocks at the door with a lovely elf with some nappies or a bag of food and throughout lockdown 1, Claire kept in regular contact ensuring that we were ok, sending food or vouchers, Claire's constant hard work meant that a scary year was less of a worry as we didn't go without. This Christmas although we still had some help, it felt so good to be able to donate some brand new gifts for Christmas presents for children, knowing first hand what an impact these have on the children but more so the parents who due to life circumstances have found themselves wondering where the next loaf of bread is coming from, let alone being able to afford to make their children feel happy and safe. It wasn't just the donations, it is a little voice message here and there from Claire, checking in, seeing if you're ok, letting you know you aren't alone which makes such a difference. We wouldn't have got through the last 18 months or so without the help and support from Claire, the elves and all the wonderful community out there, joining together to ensure that no one goes without and I will be forever grateful xx

Image placeholder Claire and Nicky...
I do not know how to thank you. Me and my family have always been ok we have always worked and just been able to get by in life. I fell pregnant with my second child and I went onto maternity. Maternity pay is awful when you are used to a full wage. I remember sitting in bed coming very close to my due date and we had no money we had just covered our bills and I had no maternity pads. I panicked and it took time but I reached out to Claire. As time as gone on things haven't got much better financially. It went from maternity to furlough to reduced hours to changes of jobs lowered income the list just goes on. But thanks to Claire and her team we have not had to go without. Myself and my family have been looked after down to little tiny details like Christmas eve boxes and advent calendars. I havent needed help every month but the next coming months are super tight and I am grateful to have an amazing comuntiy and exmouth friends in need because without them I do not know how we would survive. I would also like to thank my two delivery ladies im not sure of names but they are AMAZING. So friendly and always take time to ask if I am ok and some days it makes me want to cry because its just what I need.
Thank you will never feel enough you guys deserve the world your amazing people 💜

Image placeholder Hi here’s my story:
I would like to say a huge thank you to Claire and the team at Exmouth friends in need for all the help they have given my family. From helping with the big things I needed like my washing machine and freezer when I moved in which is a real lifesaver as my mum was doing my washing and it was too much for her to do. And by having a chest freezer we can now buy Iceland foods and put them away so I always have food in the house now. Claire also has helped me when I haven’t got much money for food by sending me food deliveries and vouchers for co op. I can’t thank her enough for this as sometimes the bills are more than I expected and I need a bit of extra help.
Also we didn’t have a tv or stand to put one on and Claire and the team found us one and even a DVD player. Christmas was hard this year as I have recently become a single parent and the whole community helped us by donating gifts for Myself and my children. We we overwhelmed by the generous gifts of toys clothes sweets and food bits.
It’s been a really hard 6 months for us but Claire and the team have helped me to be independent and make my flat a proper home for me and my children thanks so much Exmouth friends in need.xx

Image placeholder Claire has been helping my child and I for just over 2 years now. I had to stop working due to multiple autoimmune issues and have had to try to survive on universal credit! This has been almost impossible. Claire along with the amazing donations from this wonderful community have made our lives so much less stressful than before. We have been able to have food in the freezer previously empty - always empty !! I am a very private person hence why this is anonymous but Claire has been a good friend. Please continue to support Exmouth Friends In Need and know that your help is truly appreciated and really makes a difference. Thank you ♥️

Image placeholder Claire has been helping my child and I for just over 2 years now. I had to stop working due to multiple autoimmune issues and have had to try to survive on universal credit! This has been almost impossible. Claire along with the amazing donations from this wonderful community have made our lives so much less stressful than before. We have been able to have food in the freezer previously empty - always empty !! I am a very private person hence why this is anonymous but Claire has been a good friend. Please continue to support Exmouth Friends In Need and know that your help is truly appreciated and really makes a difference. Thank you ♥️

Image placeholder My story starts 6 months ago when my self and my children were placed into emergency temporary Accomodation after fleeing from domestic violence. I reached out to Claire as I had no money for food and we didn’t even have duvets to sleep with. She brought food cleaning products toiletries blankets duvets and bedding and reached out to the community for help. When I recently found out we had our new home I reached out once again to Claire for help with things like a fridge freezer and furniture. From the kindness and generosity of this page and Claire I was able to furnish my home and start our new life in our home. I can’t thank everybody enough for all that you do but mostly to Claire for being the life line we needed and nothing ever being too much trouble. The past 6 months have been hell for me and the children but Claire the team and the community helped us get through and we are so grateful for everything. Thank you ! ❤️

Image placeholder This page completely furnished a house from top to bottom. Please realise how much you all make a difference to families that are supported behind the scenes 🥰

A year ago to this day I felt my life was near the end,
A hellish marriage had taken its toll and something needed to bend.
My children and I had been through a living hell,
Some terrible times and tales I only wished I could tell.

‘One day I awoke and realised it was down to me,
To change our lives and set us all free.
With the help of some amazing people my dream came true,
We were to be moved away to start our lives anew.

A new house and a new town that we had never been before,
The house was a shell with no paint on the walls and nothing on the floors.
I posted an anonymous appeal online for anything for free,
I had not a penny and could not bring anything with me.

A very kind soul sent me a few lines,
“Get in touch with Claire Austin, she will make sure you are fine”.
Within a few weeks Claire and I had met,
She took full control of our new house and the date for us to leave was set.

Traumatic doesn't cover the day we had,
Leaving our old home made us all so sad.
However an amazing sight laid ahead,
Our new home was complete from the paint to the carpets and even comfy beds.

Claire had rallied together the best of the best,
They'd worked for a week tirelessly with no rest.
To give us a safe and beautiful place to call our home,
I knew right then we would never again be alone.

A year has now passed and Claire is still there,
Supporting us however we need with so much care.
We are calm and happy in our gorgeous safe place,
More than I could ever have hoped for and there is now a smile on my face.

So to all of you lovely people who support Exmouth Friends In Need,
Please always remember it is more than “just a good deed”.
You are a lifeline to so many because my little family is just one,
There's many more people out there and work to be done.

So i’ll now bring this little tale to a timely end,
You are all allowed my heart to mend.
But finally, Claire, this Christmas I’d like to thank you for all that you are,
You honestly are my Guardian Angel - a true shining Superstar!

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